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I’m Judith. Nutrition and movement expert, passionate outdoor athlete, and freelance project manager for journeys that unleash the greatest human potential. I have a broad interest and do everything from passion.

Clock is ticking! – Time to get to know these mountains! First in line …. Mount Vinson!

Judith Huysmans
NAME:                        MOUNT VINSON OR VINSON MASSIF (4892 M / 16,049 FT)ELEVATION:                  4,892 M (16,050 FT)CONTINENT:                 ANTARCTICACOUNTRY:                    West – ANTARCTICAAREA:                          SENTINEL RANGE – ELLSWORTH MOUNTAINSCOORDINATES:             78°31’31.74”S 85°37’1.73”WROUTE:                        WEST SIDECHALLENGING:             EXTREME COLDS & WINDS Mount Vinson (or Vinson Massif) is Antarctica’s highest mountain. She reaches 4892 m (16,049 ft) and...

Pre-acclimatization due to intermittent hypoxic training – is it possible to acclimatize when being at sea level?

Judith Huysmans
It is getting closer and closer. In about 4 weeks from now Jur will start his biggest adventure in life. We are working very hard on the final preparations. Logistics is very challenging but it looks like everything is falling into place. So exciting! Because it is only 1 month...

Can cold training, breathing techniques and focus strengthen the body for stressful situations?

Judith Huysmans
Last Friday Endvr. organized a workshop on the Wim Hof Method. A method we definitely want to investigate and also implement during our preparations for next years 7-Summits challenge. Together with 25 sponsors, followers and friends we experienced the method by learning the specific breathing technique and practicing the hyper...