The highest mountain of each of the 7 continents

The ultimate challange

Climbing 1 of the Seven Summits is already an achievement in itself. There are 11 Dutch people who have ever climbed these mountains. These people have spent years to finish the entire list. Our ultimate challenge is to climb all the summits in 1 calendar year. Not only is this an extreme physical and mental test, but all circumstances must be in order to make the project a success. For many people, hell on earth, for us: The Ultimate Challenge!

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Jur and Hylke

The climber and the cameraman


Jur Rademakers

Jur Rademakers is an internet entrepreneur with a passion for mountains.

Jur is driven, full of passion and cheerful. Always in for a challenge both physically and mentally. As an entrepreneur, he makes many choices and decisions every day in stressful moments, which will also inevitably occur in the mountains.

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Hylke Knot

Hylke Knot, photographer / videographer and in recent years more and more in the mountains.

Hylke has always had a passion for outdoor sports, but he has only recently fallen in love with the mountains. Before that he could always be found on the water with my great passion for windsurfing.

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