Entrepreneur with an appetite for challenges

Jur Rademakers

I am Jur, entrepreneur and hobby alpinist. Every day I am working to make a success of the companies I am involved in. In the summer I am looking for new challenging mountains in the Alps to climb.

During a dinner in Chamonix I said that I would like to climb the 7 Summits. Did I come up with that on that particular evening? Or was I thinking about it for some time without knowing?

For me the challenge is whether I am mentally and physically strong enough to make these extreme plans a reality. But maybe the bigger challenge is being away from my family and not to be present at the office. I want to further develop myself in this journey in mountaineering, but also become mentally stronger. The most important thing is that I want to show that if you put some time and effort into it, that you can achieve your goals. Even something as extreme as climbing the 7 summits in 1 year!!

Who exactly am I?
Jur Rademakers, 38 years old. After my study, Higher Informatics at the Fontys, I immediately started my own company. Together with an experienced entrepreneurs who already had a printing and advertising studio, I started an internet company. After 4 years I sold my shares and I started again with a younger entrepreneur. We were very successful together and sold 2 companies to American investors. In the same period I started the company WeProduce together with Pascal Penning. After this, I wanted to build something from the ground up again and together with Paul Schrama I started the company Edubookers. A few years later I ran into the Mirzaie brothers, and with them I started Expivi . These are the companies that I am still involved with at the moment.

In addition to my entrepreneurship, I am in the mountains since I was little. First together with my father and my brother to the highest cabins in the Alps. When that was no longer enough, I started a beginners course in Austria with the NKBV. I liked it so much that I followed an advanced course in Chamonix the following year. In the years that followed, I often went to other countries on vacation. Unfortunately, a period without much climbing.

In 2012 I decided to start climbing again. In the summer I followed an advanced course at the NKBV and in December of that year I went to the Aconcagua in Argentina. That year the conditions on Aconcagua were very heavy and nobody had reached the top in that climbing season. Our expedition stranded at 6700m. Normally I never give up, but I knew this was the best decision. I’ve learned a lot on my first expedition and knew that one day I would come back again ….

Argentina: Aconcagua 2012
France: ArĂȘte du Diable 2017
France: Migot Spur 2018
France: Grand Montet Graat 2018

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