Outdoor sports fanatic loves feeling of freedom

Nelleke Ernsting

I am Nelleke Ernsting, GP in a flat country, The Netherlands, but the mountains are already part of my life from youth. I developed further the passion for mountains fwhile being an outdoor instructor during Medical School. My big dream: Become an Expedition doctor. I finished Medical School in 2009 and did become a Military doctor for more than 5 years. Practicing medicine in not standard circumstances is the most valuable thing what I learned over there. You don’t learn this in a book. Diploma in Mountain Medicine (UK) gave me even more knowledge in high altitude medicine.

In 2015 I decided to first start GP training, to have the freedom afterwards to do some nice stuff in between the normal work. 2017 I finished the training. Last year I sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, in a few weeks I will sail to Falklands and Antartics. Beautifull expeditions, but no mountains.

When I saw the idea from Jur I thought: With this project I can combine my knowledge about high altitude and medicine and I became very enthousiastic. Fantastic that I can be part of the team as a medical advisor.

In my spare time I play waterpolo and do some running. During my holiday you will find me in the mountains, hiking, mountaineering or even trail running.

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