Passionate expert in people, health and challenges

Judith Huysmans

I’m Judith. Nutrition and movement expert, passionate outdoor athlete, and freelance project manager for journeys that unleash the greatest human potential. I have a broad interest and do everything from passion.

When Jur told me about the 7summits1year project I knew right away, I want to be part of it! Something that really can’t just do, that makes me happy. This is also one of the biggest challenges for me in my field. With a lot of enthusiasm and dedication, I will assist Boris and Jur as well as possible in their preparation and implementation of this enormous adventure.

With an extensive diet and training schedule we have already started to make both top fit appear at the start. In order to successfully complete all 7 summits, in addition to ensuring an optimal physical condition in advance, good planning and care are of course also required during the project. While both are preparing themselves physically and mentally, I puzzle these pieces together as well as possible for them.

Who am I exactly?
Judith Huysmans, 32 years old. Graduated in 2007 as outdoor sports coordinator at the sports academy in Sittard. In 2012 I completed the study of orthomolecular nutrition with a specialization in sports nutrition. As an independent entrepreneur I am a free bird. Going around the world in search of new adventures and yourself that is in my opinion the most beautiful thing there is.

I am particularly interested in the person behind the person. What drives people to do what they do? And if you really want to, what’s possible?

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