Outdoor sports fanatic loves feeling of freedom

Irene Schrijvershof

I, too, have the honor of being mentioned on this page. I am Irene, 32 years old and an anesthetist in Innsbruck, Austria. It doesn’t take many words to say that what Boris and Jur experience also has a hold on me, namely the love of mountains, nature and a feeling of freedom. I am a decent outdoor fanatic, with a great preference for kite surfing and touring.
I have always had great faith in ‘my gut feeling’ and only do things that I fully support 100% …. that which feels good … I find it a valuable trait when people do not just lead a life ‘that so good easy and comfortable ‘, but being able to choose a direction that they fully support. Dare to dive into the unknown and make choices where the outcome is sometimes a question mark, but nevertheless embark on an adventure and make decisions. In my opinion, life then emerges in its most beautiful form.
When Boris asked me to be involved in this adventure as a team doctor, he received an answer within a few seconds; yes done!

I started studying medicine in Leiden in 2005. In 2010 I chose to go a different way temporarily and moved to New Zealand, where I worked for a few years in the kite surfing industry. to continue on to Alaska, Canada and Africa, among others. During this ‘continent-hopping’ love for mountaineering medicine developed, which resulted in a one-way ticket to Austria, where I obtained the ‘Diploma in Mountain Medicine’ last year and am currently working on my specialization as an anesthetist.

In addition to taking care of medication and the like during the expeditions, I will also ensure that both men go on the road with sufficient medical knowledge. In addition, I am available for the team during the expeditions if there are questions or difficulties arise. I wish both men every success. Or as we say in Tyrol; viel Gl├╝ck und kim wieder guat und g’sund hoam.

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