Enthusiastic Dutch Mountain & Ski Guide

Boris Textor

I’m Boris. Alpinist, ski mountaineer and the 8th Dutch UIAGM mountain guide, where passion and profession come together.

Now I have set a goal and that is to climb the highest mountain of every continent, all in 1 year, 7 Summits.

Not only the climbs are a challenge but also to guide 1 person to all summits in 1 year. I want to continue to challenge myself and develop myself in this sport, I’m up for the challenge. I also want to show Dutch climbing community that things that seem impossible are possible by pushing the current boundary.

Who exactly am I?
Boris Textor, 32 years old. Graduated from the BSPA in Innsbruck (Austria) in 2013 as an international UIAGM mountain guide. The study aims to guide people up and down safely all over the world at all levels. Whether it’s rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, off-piste, ski touring or climbing expeditions.

Besides my profession as a mountain guide, I am still fanatically on the go in the mountains.

In 2018 I guided and coached the final trajectory of the Dutch expedition academy. A 2 year project of the Royal Dutch climb and mountaineering association to make young mountain sports enthusiast enthusiastic for expedition climbing. This expedition was a success and therefore also received international attention.

So far no Dutchman has climbed all 7 summits in one year and / or calendar year.

Russia: Elbrus 2004 UIAA expedition
Kyrgyzstan: Ak-sai, 2013 with friends
Argentina: Patagonia 2016 with colleague guide Jelle Staleman
Kyrgyzstan: Danjgard NKBV expedition academy

Iran: Ski exploring 2017 & 2018 7 new routes
New Zealand: ski exploring 2016 2 new routes
Kazakhstan: ski exploring 2018
Morocco: ski exploring 2012

Do you wanna climb with Boris? Visit https://boristextor.nl/ for more info!

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